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  • Tony Mechelynck
    Jan 1, 2013
      On 02/01/13 07:13, HarleyPig wrote:
      > Hmm ... I thought I could have a global syntax. I wanted this to work across any syntax and/or filetype.
      > If I manually source the file it works, or if I make a after/syntax/perl.vim file it will work in my perl files, at least partially--I can't seem to make it work when the timestamp is part of a comment.
      > I'll have to experiment further.

      Try sourcing it from an autocommand, as follows:

      au VimEnter * au Syntax * source ~/.vim/ownsyntax.vim

      The VimEnter autocommand is there to add the Syntax autocommand as late
      as possible among Syntax autocommands (I hope it will add it late
      enough, I didn't check); the Syntax autocommand (defined by the VimEnter
      autocommand) will then be triggered (and source the script) by setting
      the 'syntax' option for any file. This ownsyntax.vim script should then
      change only settings local to the current editfile (using :setlocal,
      :map <buffer>, etc.).

      Best regards,
      Have an adequate day.

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