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135102Re: regexp, ANN: explainpat

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  • Andy Wokula
    Dec 19, 2012
      v0.2 is out!

      Am 19.12.2012 20:48, schrieb Christian Brabandt:
      > On Mi, 19 Dez 2012, Christian Brabandt wrote:
      >>> :ExplainPattern *
      >>> if the pattern is in the clipboard)
      >>> (needless to say: suggestions welcome)
      >> Very nice.
      > Some observations:
      > You already parse \v \V \m and \M
      > but then you should also output the meaning of those atoms

      There is a technical limit ... ExplainPattern only understands
      magic patterns.

      > :%>l doesn't seem to work correctly:
      > :ExplainPattern \%>1l\&\%<6l
      > match below line 1
      > \& AND branch
      > match above line 6
      > (obviously otherway around)

      Thanks for spotting!
      He, "above" and "below" are ambiguous!

      Now it says:
      Pattern: \%>1l\&\%<6l
      \%>1l match below line 1 (towards end of buffer)
      \& AND branch
      \%<6l match above line 6 (towards start of buffer)

      > :ExplainPattern: \%>'a1
      > \%>'a1 literal string (5 atom(s))
      > (wrong, its 1 after mark a (2atoms)

      ok, fixed.

      > Possible enhancements:
      > - maybe show captured string, if simple atom
      > \1 match first captured string

      I don't get exactly what you mean.

      > - possibly highlight matching patterns, so you can see, what
      > :ExplainPattern <pattern> matches in the current buffer)

      You can search for a pattern and then do
      :ExplainPattern /

      > - :ExplainPattern: \%x31
      > \%x31 match character specified with hex number 0x31
      > (display character)

      now it says

      Pattern: \%x31
      \%x31 match character specified with hex number 0x31 (1)


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