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135031Re: Vim Accidental Encryption - Am I SOL?

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  • shawn wilson
    Dec 14, 2012
      On Fri, Dec 14, 2012 at 9:32 AM, donothing successfully
      <donothingsuccessfully@...> wrote:

      > Is it not 96^4 possibilities? A much smaller number: ~85 million.
      > A quicker and dirtier approach might suffice.

      God, that's not the first time I've messed up basic algebra. I've got
      to do better about that. You're right of course - base is
      possibilities, exponent is length. The easy way of checking this is
      abc length of 2: aa, ab, ac, ba, bb, bc, ca, cb, cc = 9 or 3^2.

      > Or you could try to socially engineer yourself, a tired vimmer might have the
      > capslock on and type ':X' instead of ':x' and not notice the prompts,
      > so it might
      > be worth trying ':X', ':x' or similar.

      Modern hardware and brute force would have two symbols done in less
      than a second. If this is what the password, just start by brute
      forcing it and if it doesn't find anything after a minute or so, go to
      a dictionary (or rainbow table if there's a common hashing algorithm).
      And I feel I'm heading into OT territory for this list here :)

      I would like to hear the outcome of the OP's file (or process) though?

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