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135021Re: spell check latex German umlauts

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  • Tony Mechelynck
    Dec 13, 2012
      On 14/12/12 04:35, Erik Christiansen wrote:
      > On 13.12.12 15:30, Andreas Groh wrote:
      >> Of course, key mappings are a workaround. I included two functions to
      >> my .vimrc which can replace all umlauts in the document by the Latex
      >> style equivalent and vice versa.
      > In concordance with several other posters, I have to point out that the
      > 1978-ish '"a' gumpf is an ugly work-around, both in appearance and the
      > trouble it is causing. To move into the current millennium, and allow
      > your tools to natively handle the text, is the real fix.
      > The Alt key is very convenient for input of e.g. ä, ü, ö, and it takes
      > only a moment to make the mappings. (The fact that you speak of '"a'
      > suggests you're not using a German keyboard.) Their use quickly becomes
      > automatic, speeding entry of the subsequently readable input.
      > Erik

      Which Alt- or AltGr-key combinations to use depends of course on your OS
      and locale: see for instance
      http://users.skynet.be/antoine.mechelynck/other/keybbe.htm for a Belgian
      keyboard on Linux; but regardless of your national keyboard layout you
      can use the "accents" keymap distributed with Vim (as
      $VIMRUNTIME/keymap/accents.vim where :a gives ä, :o gives ö, etc.), or
      you can use digraphs (where Ctrl-K a : (without spaces) gives ä, Ctrl-K
      o : gives ö, etc. (see ":help digraphs-use" and ":help
      digraphs-default"). Or you can even construct your own keymap to get ä
      by typing "a, ö by typing "o, etc., see

      Best regards,
      Whenever people agree with me I always feel I must be wrong.
      -- Oscar Wilde

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