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135019Re: spell check latex German umlauts

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  • Erik Christiansen
    Dec 13, 2012
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      On 13.12.12 15:30, Andreas Groh wrote:
      > Of course, key mappings are a workaround. I included two functions to
      > my .vimrc which can replace all umlauts in the document by the Latex
      > style equivalent and vice versa.

      In concordance with several other posters, I have to point out that the
      1978-ish '"a' gumpf is an ugly work-around, both in appearance and the
      trouble it is causing. To move into the current millennium, and allow
      your tools to natively handle the text, is the real fix.

      The Alt key is very convenient for input of e.g. ä, ü, ö, and it takes
      only a moment to make the mappings. (The fact that you speak of '"a'
      suggests you're not using a German keyboard.) Their use quickly becomes
      automatic, speeding entry of the subsequently readable input.


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