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134990Re: copy and replace with a slight modification a line several times

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  • Ben Fritz
    Dec 11, 2012
      On Tuesday, December 11, 2012 7:33:48 AM UTC-6, A Loumiotis wrote:
      > Hi,
      > Starting with a file with two lines:
      > var1_$x; var2>$x-1
      > var3x; var4x==1
      > I would like to end up with the following seven line file:
      > var1_1; var2>1-1
      > var1_2; var2>2-1
      > var1_3; var2>3-1
      > var3_a; var4_a==1
      > var3_b; var4_b==1
      > var3_c; var4_c==1
      > var3_d; var4_d==1
      > How could I automate this procedure?
      > I was thinking of something of the following terms but I'm not sure how to represent the "i" inside a for loop and whether the setline function is called correctly (I'm new with VIM scripting):
      > let line=getline(",")
      > for i in range(1,3)
      >    let repl'i'=substitute(line,'\$x','i',"g")
      > endfor
      > call setline(.,line,repl1,repl2,repl3)??? 
      > Thanks,
      > Antonis

      First, see John's reply.

      But I had a big reply written, and thought I sent it; I have no idea what happened to it.

      Here's the highlights:

      I'd probably try using a recorded macro. For the first set of lines, it would rely on CTRL-A in normal mode. For the second set of lines, nr2char() and char2nr() functions in an expression register in insert mode.

      :help CTRL-A
      :help complex-repeat

      Macros might get a little too complex, and are best for one-shot tasks that you won't need to do very often. So I would also look at :help curly-brace-names to fix the initial idea you had for your function. You will also need to get your setline command right, it should be:

      call setline(".",[line,repl1,repl2,repl3])

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