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134989RE: copy and replace with a slight modification a line several times

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  • John Beckett
    Dec 11, 2012
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      A Loumiotis wrote:
      > Starting with a file with two lines:
      > var1_$x; var2>$x-1
      > var3x; var4x==1
      > I would like to end up with the following seven line file:
      > var1_1; var2>1-1
      > var1_2; var2>2-1
      > var1_3; var2>3-1
      > var3_a; var4_a==1
      > var3_b; var4_b==1
      > var3_c; var4_c==1
      > var3_d; var4_d==1
      > How could I automate this procedure?

      Here is a start which converts the first line of input to the
      first three lines of output:

      function! Convert(linenr)
      let line = getline(a:linenr)
      let result = []
      for i in range(1, 3)
      call add(result, substitute(line, '\$x', i, 'g'))
      call setline(a:linenr, result[0])
      execute a:linenr . 'put =result[1:]'

      With the cursor on the first line of input, following converts
      the first line:
      :call Convert('.')

      Or, if the first line to be converted is line 12, this works:
      :call Convert(12)

      I suspect a complex :s/// with replacement \=... could do the
      job, but the script is more maintainable and useful for related

      For the second change required, see:
      :help function-list
      :help nr2char()


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