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134978Re: Wrong colors with tmux

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  • Gautier DI FOLCO
    Dec 10, 2012
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      2012/12/11 bilibop project <quidame@...>
      I had a similar problem with xfce4-terminal > bash > tmux
      Maybe this solution can work for you:
      1. keep default-terminal to "screen" (accordingly to the tmux manpage)
      2. set -g terminal-overrides "xterm*:colors=256" in tmux.conf, assuming
      that in Konsole (without tmux) echo $TERM returns xterm or xterm-something.

      But if your problem is vim-only related, you sould begin with
      :set t_Co?
      :set t_Co=256
      or why not (it's a very good tip):
      :help xterm-color


      Thanks for all, it was a tmux.conf issue,
      It works well.

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