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134969vim insert mode injection

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    Dec 10, 2012
      I'm looking at a handy way to insert curr timestamp when writing, right in
      insert mode , e.g. in following texts I want it injected right after
      "today", and continue my writing
      [writing in insert mode]
      ...the task was finally done today

      so I think this should work:
      * C-R
      * =
      * strftime('%c')
      * enter
      * p

      but right after I hit enter , I end up with:

      E15: Invalid expression: strftime('%c')^\e<SNR>113_WrapCmdLine()
      Press ENTER or type command to continue

      it looks like sth wrong with one of the function defined in some script.

      I tried this to locate the function:
      :verbose function <SNR>113_WrapCmdLine()

      it hanging there without a return , so I have to C-c to interupt the

      anyone can help ?


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