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134946Re: Vim Accidental Encryption - Am I SOL?

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  • Christian Brabandt
    Dec 9 4:42 AM
      Hi bruceleeroy!

      On Sa, 08 Dez 2012, bruceleeroy wrote:

      > Somehow on exiting Vim I managed to set a password with Encryption On resulting in this:
      > http://i.minus.com/i0EtLG3ZGp0H7.jpg
      > Outside of somehow remember what I hit when exiting the program I am screwed huh?

      Well, good news is, you accidentally used the old now deprecated crypt
      method, which is breakable. But I have no clue, how to do this. The help
      says about it:

      | - The algorithm used is breakable. A 4 character key in about one hour,
      | a 6 character key in one day (on a Pentium 133 PC). This requires
      | that you know some text that must appear in the file. An expert can
      | break it for any key. When the text has been decrypted, this also
      | means that the key can be revealed, and other files encrypted with the
      | same key can be decrypted.

      Possibly you can write a script, that feeds various combinations to vim
      and checks, whether the file got decrypted. That sounds like a fun

      See also this question on Stackoverflow:

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