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134920snipmate vs UltiSnips?

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  • Marc Weber
    Dec 8, 2012
      Luckily the question is partially gone, because I've done some work on
      making UltiSnips read snipmate files close to the way UltiSnips did.

      You can find all details here, "3) ultisnip"

      This is a preview and unfinished, but does already work for me.

      The goals are:
      - join both communities
      - get best of both worlds
      - the snipmate engine was/is broken in some minor ways. [1]
      I don't have the time to rewrite it.
      - ...

      - UltiSnips depends on python, but that's fine today. Everybody can
      install it.
      - the <tab> completion list menu does not work in UltiSnips yet, but
      list all snippets feature works well enough to not make me work on
      it right now.

      UltiSnip's engine may be less broken. I hit some cases where snipmate
      didn't do what I expected such as expand for, entering 234 and the var
      name was not replaced to j everywhere. I also supports nested snippets
      and has better support for running arbitrary shell code.
      It also can do advanced stuff like centering a headline (bbox)
      (but that feature is currently broken in my branch because I broke the
      !p feature - will fix ASAP)

      [1] You can't quote ${1} properly. Some placeholders work with alpha but
      not with numeric typnig (for, placeholder length).

      There are still some differences. So its a "release early and often"
      announcment for getting some feedback.

      if you find any additional bugs about reading snippets file them against
      my github repository.

      For completness there is also the engine xptemplate - but its snippet
      syntax is very different which is why I did'nt consider it as mergeable
      right now.

      Happy snipping.
      Marc Weber

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