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134848Re: how to execute ranger from gvim

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    Dec 3, 2012
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      On 12/3/2012 8:06 PM, Gary Johnson wrote:
      > exe 'edit' readfile(tmpfile)[0]
      > > > " edit the file whose name
      > > > " is in the first line of
      > > > " tmpfile. (readfile()
      > > > " returns the contents of the
      > > > " file as a list of lines.
      > > > " List element 0 is the
      > > > " first line.
      thanks for the line by line annotation, now I understand!

      just one last small thing, in the above line, won't it suffice just:
      exe readfile(tmpfile)

      my test shows that will only give me a line of the file name, but now
      the file contents so you are right,
      but help says:
      readfile({fname} [, {binary} [, {max}]])
      Read file {fname} and return a List, each line of the file
      as an item. Lines broken at NL characters. Macintosh files
      separated with CR will result in a single long line
      (unless a
      NL appears somewhere).

      so readfile should have "read" the "file", why I only get the filename



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