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134660Re: mapleader to tilde "~"

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  • Ivan S. Freitas
    Nov 22, 2012
      > I'll try to find a solution to only modify the key when running vim. I
      > can then map ~a to ã (as well as the others especial characters)
      > manually using inoremap. But, for now, I'll find another leader key.

      AFAIK the no-deadkey layout can behave like the normal if you
      press altgr + accent key instead of just the accent key. Still one
      more key to press, but if you get used to it then you can use tilde
      as your leader key.

      Ivan Sichmann Freitas
      GNU/Linux user #509059
      SDF Arpa Member http://isf.sdf.org/about.html

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