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134643Re: Vim vs GVim

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  • John Little
    Nov 20, 2012
      > So, what do you guys use? What do you prefer? Terminal Vim or GVim?

      I use gvim, on Kubuntu. I turn off the menu with set go-=T go-=M, I change gui.h to have
      #define SB_DEFAULT_WIDTH 8
      ,I use the QtCurve widget style (which has *hundreds* of options) to shave pixels where possible, and use a 7 point font. gvim takes up the same space as vim in konsole, and the scroll bar and pop menu works. (Sometimes I use KDE's window controls to turn off the window title and frame, too. With the scroll bar off, I get four 80 column vim windows across my 1920x1080 monitor.)

      Regards, John

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