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133156Re: 答复: 答复: who install verilog_emacs auto.vim? help me

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  • Tony Mechelynck
    Sep 6, 2012
      On 07/09/12 07:20, 王军 wrote:
      > I use “\a”,it prompt:
      > And generate ”verilog_emacsauto.vim.emacsautotmp”

      That Chinese sentence on the images means "command not found", I
      suppose, or whatever Windows uses to say that?

      In that case I suppose the script can only be used on Unix-like systems
      (including Cygwin but not Native-Windows), because "rm" (for "remove")
      is what Unix uses for the command known on Windows (and MS-DOS) as DEL
      (or maybe DELETE).

      Best regards,
      If God wanted us to be brave, why did he give us legs?
      -- Marvin Kitman

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