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133116Re: vim tutor in Chinese to update

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  • Bram Moolenaar
    Sep 3, 2012
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      Alick Zhao wrote:

      > Recently I find that the English version of vim tutor file has version
      > 1.7 while the Chinese version v1.5. I would like to help update the
      > Chinese translation. In particular I will try to update the Simplified
      > Chinese version. Should I use hg to clone the repo and then after making
      > my changes, post the patch to vim_dev list?
      > Also there's an issue about Chinese version of vim tutor file. Nowadays
      > Simplified Chinese user typically use zh_CN.UTF-8 locale in Linux/Unix
      > systems. When they(including me) type the command 'vimtutor', they will
      > get tutor in Traditional Chinese. The reason is that the tutor file
      > 'tutor.zh.utf-8' is in Traditional Chinese, and there is no Simplified
      > Chinese UTF-8 version. I see in the manual that language is a two-letter
      > name, but I don't think *two*-letter is required indeed. Is it so? Can
      > we have separate tutor files 'tutor.zh_cn.utf-8' and
      > 'tutor.zh_tw.utf-8', like the case in gui menu translation?

      We definitely need two Chinese tutors. Calling them with the five
      letter name is appropriate.

      This requires changing tutor/tutor.vim. Currently it cuts off
      everything after the first two characters in line 44. That will require
      some work. Probably by using s:lang around line 78, where Chinese is
      handled. That avoids having to change much in the rest of the file.

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