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131504Re: max colors in text based terminals

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  • Chris Jones
    Jun 5, 2012
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      On Mon, Jun 04, 2012 at 08:35:18PM EDT, Thomas Dickey wrote:
      > On Jun 4, 4:00 pm, Chris Jones <cjns1...@...> wrote:

      > > All the same, I'd be curious to know what the Konsole developers had in
      > > mind when they implemented 16M colors support .
      > konsole implements the xterm 256-color controls (256 * 256 * 256).
      > It's not 16M * 16M * 16M.

      My impression was that xterm lets you specify 256 colors using the
      #000000 .. #ffffff syntax.. in effect letting you override the defaults
      and define a custom 256-color palette chosen among the possible 16M..

      I became curious about Konsole supporting true color so I booted an iso
      that ships it and ran the following bash commands:

      | g=0
      | b=0
      | for r in $(seq 0 255)
      | do
      | echo -e "\033[48;2;${r};${g};${b}m $r $g $b"
      | done

      If saw what definitely looked like a gradient that went from pure black
      to the brightest red with 256 intermediate shades of red.

      I ran the same script on an xterm (debian stable v261-1) and afaict it
      did not understand the above syntax: the background color remained the
      original default black.

      Is this something you enable at ‘./configure’ time.. or is xterm's
      syntax different from Konsole's..?

      Back on Konsole, I tried a similar script that goes through all 16M
      color combinations:

      | for r in $(seq 0 255)
      | do
      | for g in $(seq 0 255)
      | do
      | for b in $(seq 0 255)
      | do
      | echo -e -n "\033[38;2;${r};${g};${b}33m█████████"
      | done
      | done
      | done

      This seemed to work as well, but the output was so large that I can't be
      sure I was really getting 16M colors. Even with the smallest font
      I could find, no way I could display it all on one screen. I guess I'd
      have to come up with something a little smarter.

      In any case, my point was that I don't see this feature as something
      very useful.. unless you want to develop for Konsole exclusively using
      hard-coded escape sequences.

      As expected, I didn't see a terminfo entry that had ‘colors#16777216’
      and ‘pairs#281474976710656’...

      That's why I was wondering what the Konsole developers were planning to
      do with this feature and went to the trouble of coding it.



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