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131495Re: max colors in text based terminals

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  • Chris Jones
    Jun 4, 2012
      On Mon, Jun 04, 2012 at 01:03:40PM EDT, Charlie Kester wrote:
      > On 06/03/2012 11:14 AM, Chris Jones wrote:


      > > Konsole and derivatives support a 24-bit color palette, i.e. they
      > > let you display 16,777,216 colors concurrently.

      > But how many text-mode apps are there that can use more than 256
      > colors at a time?

      None that I'm aware of.

      > If they're using ncurses, they're limited by what that library
      > supports. (256 colors max, IIRC.) Dittos for slang-based apps.

      Well, I don't use Konsole, but from what I understand you are pretty
      much limited to using hard-coded escape sequences.

      > It's been a while since I looked at konsole (I use roxterm myself),
      > but what many terminal emulators let you do is map a subset of those
      > 16M colors into the 256-color palette used by the apps. That's not
      > quite the same as letting you display all 16M colors concurrently.

      The purpose of syntax highlighting being to help differentiate text
      elements at a glance, I'm not sure the ability to display 16M colors
      concurrently (or 256, even..น) is in itself relevant. Of course there is
      a useful side-effect, whereby if terminfo, ncurses, console Vim etc.
      supported 16M colors, gVim color schemes would be directly portable and
      display in the same colors on such terminals as on the GUI.

      All the same, I'd be curious to know what the Konsole developers had in
      mind when they implemented 16M colors supportฒ.


      น unless they happen to be right next to each other I can't tell the
      difference between between grey 235/236, and even then I have to look
      close.. never mind the difference between #0F0F0F and #101010.

      ฒ keeping in mind, that this adds up to over 281 trillion color pairs:
      makes for a huge display if you want to display them all at the same

      AHH! The neurotic monkeys are after me!

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