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131468Re: XIM Input Method for Motif Gvim

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  • Christian Brabandt
    Jun 3, 2012
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      Hi Tony!

      On So, 03 Jun 2012, Tony Mechelynck wrote:

      > On 03/06/12 02:51, Chris Jones wrote:
      > >On Sat, Jun 02, 2012 at 03:01:12PM EDT, Christian Brabandt wrote:
      > >
      > >[..]
      > >
      > >>>> 1) Why is XIM enabled by default?
      > >>>> 2) How do I use it?
      > >>>> 3) And most importantly: How do I turn if off?
      > >
      > >Regarding (3) above, I forgot to mention that there is an
      > >imdisable/noimdisable boolean option.
      > >
      > >But I guess you have already tried that..?
      > Yes, see also:
      > :help 'imdisable'
      > :help 'iminsert'
      > :help CTRL-^

      I guess, you meant :h i_CTRL-^ and thanks, that works. Bram, I suggest
      to put a link to these help topics below :h xim

      I am still wondering, why the Motif GUI enables the X Input Method.
      Although IME and Multibyte feature seem to be independent of each other,
      it doesn't sound to be reasonable to enable the first, while the latter
      is completely unsupported.


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