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  • Tony Mechelynck
    Jun 1, 2012
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      On 01/06/12 10:04, sinbad wrote:
      > how to turn on/off the caps lock while in insert mode.
      > i want to turn off the caps lock while leaving out of the insert mode.
      > how can i do that. i googled first, didn't get any convincing answer.

      AFAIK, CapsLock on/off status is handled by the keyboard driver
      transparently to Vim. I don't think Vim can simulate that action.

      You might build a lot of mappings, such as

      inoremap a A
      inoremap b B
      inoremap c C
      inoremap x X
      inoremap y Y
      inoremap z Z
      inoremap A a
      inoremap B b
      inoremap Z z

      but there would still be the question of determining when to turn them

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