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130807Re: vim says "No protocol specified" and I have no idea what it means

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  • Thilo Six
    May 5, 2012
      Hello Kevin,

      Excerpt from Kevin O'Gorman:

      -- <snip> --
      > Huh? This was posted to vim_use, and it's about my difficulties using
      > vim. It's a permissions problem that seems not to affect anything
      > else, so we're talking about permissions and strategies and scriptlets
      > to fix my problem using vim.

      Which has been answered in several different ways. Choose the solution that fits
      you best.

      > I'll bite: where would it be more appropriate?

      Sorry for creating confusion here. Asking here about error messages that appear
      along the way when using vim is absolutely fine, even as Tim explained they are
      caused by underlying mechanisms.

      The 'we are getting out of the focus of this list' was meant toward a discussion
      about different ways how to authenticate on a linux system.

      personal EOT here.

      721B 1BA0 095C 1ABA 3FC6 7C18 89A4 A2A0 C70B 1A8F

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