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130769Re: vim says "No protocol specified" and I have no idea what it means

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  • Erik Christiansen
    May 3, 2012
      On 02.05.12 19:48, Thilo Six did (boldly) proffer wisdom:
      > 4)
      > ,----[ ~/.bashrc ]--------
      > if [[ ${EUID} -eq 0 ]] ; then
      > [[ -n ${DISPLAY} ]] && unset DISPLAY
      > fi
      > `---------------------------------------------
      > ,----[ man su ]--------
      > If --login is used, the $TERM, $COLORTERM, $DISPLAY,
      > and $XAUTHORITY environment variables are copied if
      > they were set.
      > `---------------------------------------------

      That looks like a neat fix, Thilo.

      But is there a weakness in the OP's access control config?
      Here, on my ubuntu 10.04, unaltered and still as OOTB, starting X as
      "erik", doing an "su -", then vimming anything which stands still, has
      always worked, not least (I figure) because of:

      $ xhost
      access control enabled, only authorized clients can connect

      So just doing an:

      $ xhost +root

      in ~/.bash_profile might just do it too?


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