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130761Re: vim says "No protocol specified" and I have no idea what it means

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  • Thilo Six
    May 2, 2012
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      Excerpt from Tim Chase:

      > On 05/02/12 08:30, Kevin O'Gorman wrote:
      >> The main symptoms are the message "No protocol specified" which
      >> appears both on the editing session (with a different background) and
      >> on the command-line.
      >> For instance, this is cut-and-pasted directly from my terminal session:
      >> root@treat:~/scripts# vim -i NONE -u NONE err
      >> No protocol specified
      >> No protocol specified
      >> No protocol specified
      >> root@treat:~/scripts#
      > I believe this is Vim trying to talk to your X server and failing.
      > I suspect you're running X as non-root and then "su"'ed to root. A
      > couple options exist depending on the solution you want:
      > 1) try starting Vim with "-X" to tell vim not to bother connecting
      > to the X server. It's fast, easy, and reliable, but loses the
      > ability for root to use the X clipboards
      > 2) link the ~user/.Xauthority to ~root/.Xauthority with
      > ln -s ~user/.Xauthority ~root/.Xauthority
      > This will give Vim-as-root the ability to talk to the X session. It
      > has the small downside that, if you have multiple users logging into
      > the machine, and you sit down arbitrarily at one of them (rather
      > than always logging in as the same user), you'd have to relink the
      > file each time (easily done by using "-f" and changing the username
      > from "user" to "user2"). This is the solution I use on my Debian
      > boxes at home.
      > 3) blithely ignore the warning secure in knowing that it's only
      > telling you that Vim-as-root can't talk to the X server.

      ,----[ ~/.bashrc ]--------

      if [[ ${EUID} -eq 0 ]] ; then
      [[ -n ${DISPLAY} ]] && unset DISPLAY

      ,----[ man su ]--------

      If --login is used, the $TERM, $COLORTERM, $DISPLAY,
      and $XAUTHORITY environment variables are copied if
      they were set.

      >> The same phrase seems to appear randomly over the editing session.
      > Subsequent messages (after startup) _might_ occur under situations I
      > can't readily confirm without reading the source or a good bit of
      > experimentation, but I'd suspect that efforts to read/write from the
      > clipboard registers ("+" and "*"), or perhaps losing and regaining
      > focus might be possible candidates. However, #1 or #2 above should
      > resolve the issue.
      > -tim


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