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  • Phil Dobbin
    Apr 12, 2012
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      On 12/04/2012 06:17, Paul Isambert wrote:

      > Phil Dobbin <phildobbin@...> a écrit:

      >> On 10/04/2012 22:01, Andre Majorel wrote:
      >>> On 2012-04-10 18:37 +0100, Phil Dobbin wrote:
      >>>> Putting the documents (manual & reference) into tex I think
      >>>> is the best way to go & will result in a much better looking
      >>>> final PDF from which to print.
      >>> What do you have in mind ?
      >>> If you just put all the text in a giant monospace verbatim, it
      >>> won't be much better (or worse) that the output of vimpspp.
      >>> Page breaks and page numbering may be easier, though.
      >>> If you intend to reflow the text, there is much to gain. But
      >>> then you need to know what is, in HTML parlance, <pre>, what is
      >>> <code> and what is neither. Dunno how easy/hard that is.
      >>> In any case, it's essential that the process be as automated as
      >>> possible. EG, program reads /usr/share/vim/vim*/doc/ and spits
      >>> out {man,ref}.ps. Otherwise, the files will always lag behind.
      >> Well, I have this crazy idea of taking the plain text files,
      >> flowing them into markdown, then converting them into tex to be
      >> typeset & then generating a PDF ready for print.
      >> All perfectly possible using Pandoc, Vim & Lulu, just a question
      >> of how viable it is.
      >> Any thoughts appreciated.
      > If you're willing to use the latest engine LuaTeX instead of TeX,
      > I have written a package called Interpreter whose job is to
      > translate input files on the fly before TeX reads them (but during
      > the TeX compilation, it is not a preprocessor, LuaTeX lets you do
      > that). The obvious application (and actually, my motivation) is to
      > be able to write source files without TeX's \commands and
      > \what{ever} (I haven't used those for quite some time now); feeding
      > the Vim's manual directly to TeX that way is something I'd been
      > thinking about, but never done. The problem I fear is that the
      > syntax isn't unambiguous, but it'd be worth giving it a try.

      Hi, Paul.

      Yes, I'd be very interested in trying that. I have LuaTex installed
      alongside Tex & texlive on both my production & development boxes
      (Debian for Prod, OS X for devel).

      I don't know everybody else's opinions on the subject but we could
      set-up a GitHub repository maybe to try the ideas out. I'm amenable to
      any suggestions.

      Let me know what you think.



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