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130110Re: Switch to unicode.

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  • Gary Johnson
    Apr 1, 2012
      On 2012-04-01, john Culleton wrote:
      > I am having a problem with Vim line returns being interpreted as
      > end of paragraph markers in Scribus. Unicode may solve this
      > problem. What string do I need in .vimrc to switch to unicode?

      To save a file using UTF-8,

      set fenc=utf-8


      :help fenc
      :help 45.3
      :help 45.4

      I don't see how that will help with your problem, though. Vim saves
      end-of-line markers according to the 'fileformat' of the current
      buffer. See

      :help ff

      The characters used for end-of-line markers are all ASCII characters
      and are in the range of characters whose codes are common to all
      character sets (as I understand it) including latin1, ISO-8859-x,
      and UTF-8.

      Changing to UTF-8 is not going to change the way Vim saves
      end-of-line markers.


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