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130105Re: Write register contents to file

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  • Tony Mechelynck
    Apr 1, 2012
      On 01/04/12 11:00, howard Schwartz wrote:
      > I would like to write the contents of a register to a file. Easy enough
      > to grab the contents with let variable = getreg('a'). It would then be easy
      > if :echo variable > file worked like unix echo, but it doesnt. Any
      > simple way to get contents of some register a into a file of my
      > choosing? There is a writelist() function, but I do not know how to get
      > the context of a register into a list.

      As an alternative to all that's already been said, you could also do the

      :new file | $put a | x

      which can be assigned to the {rhs} of a mapping.

      Pro: no need for an auxiliary variable

      Con: a new window is opened and closed. This, however, should happen too
      fast to be noticeable except that:
      - it requires a Vim compiled with +windows (rarely a problem)
      - if you're at the |hit-enter-prompt| (q.v.), it clears it.

      The snippet above appends the register at the end of the file (and after
      an empty line if the file didn't exist yet). Replace the dollar sign by
      a zero to insert at top, by a line number (see |[range]|) to insert
      after that line, or by nothing to insert after the current (usually
      latest used) line in the file.

      It is possible, with an if clause, to make the register contents the
      only contents of the file if it didn't yet exist. The details are left
      as an exercise to the reader. (Hint: see |filereadable()| and

      See also |:execute| to read the file name (and path) and/or the register
      name from a variable.

      Best regards,
      I've enjoyed just about as much of this as I can stand.

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