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130094E365 hardcopy

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  • Phil Dobbin
    Mar 31 4:38 AM
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      Hi, all.

      Out of the blue this morning my Debian Squeeze Vim (7.2.445 console=huge
      GUI=gtk2+huge) has started throwing the hardcopy error:

      `E365: Failed to print Postscript file`

      this is on both the GUI & console Debian supplied Vims.

      Apt hasn't downloaded & installed any print updates recently & I can
      print the same test files from gedit, etc.

      Last time I had this on setting up Vim on Fedora it was a print
      preferences error (different name for the printer than specified in my
      vimrc) but this is not the case in this instance.

      I printed from this Vim on this machine a couple of days ago no problem
      & I haven't altered my runtime or machine settings in the meantime.

      Any help appreciated,



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