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129421Re: creating syntax file - syn match problem

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  • Ben Fritz
    Mar 5, 2012
      On Mar 4, 10:55 am, Tarlika Elisabeth Schmitz
      <v...@...> wrote:
      > This virtually does what I want:
      > syn region  xyzCode matchgroup=xyzCodeMark start='{{{' end='}}}'
      > syn region  xyzCode matchgroup=xyzCodeMark start='{{{{' end='}}}}'
      > with one exception:
      > When the code block is started with more than 3 braces, the opening set
      > of braces must be followed by [spaces] and a new line. The code has to
      > be placed on the next line. The closing braces can be on the same line
      > as the last code.

      As I suggested before, use a zero-width match, or even better a \ze:

      syn region xyzCode matchgroup=xyzCodeMark start='{{{{\ze\s*$'

      :he /\ze
      :he zero-width (not used but it could have been)

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