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129358Re: Alternating lines' color

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  • Marco
    Mar 2, 2012
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      On Fri, Mar 2, 2012 at 6:36 PM, Ben Fritz <fritzophrenic@...> wrote:

      > If instead, you want to simply change the color of something (which
      > seems to be what your second statement indicates), then you can
      > install a new colorscheme, or find one which is "pretty close" to what
      > you want, copy, and edit it. gvim supports 256*256*256 possible
      > colors, I'm sure you can find one you like.


      no sorry, it's that I found a script which, once you bind it to a key,
      does the alternating lines trick.

      Thank you!


      more in the next mail, be prepared! :)

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