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128985Re: Preventing Double maps/abbs

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  • howardb21
    Feb 11, 2012
      On Feb 5, 11:35 pm, Jürgen Krämer <jottka...@...> wrote:
      > Hi,
      > howardb21 wrote:
      > > On Feb 2, 10:26 pm, J rgen Kr mer <jottka...@...> wrote:
      > >> There are also [ic]noreabbrev variants which would prevent the
      > >> right-hand-side of an abbreviation to be re-used as the left-hand-side
      > >> of a mapping.
      > > Where do I find these variants?

      >   :help :cnoreabbrev
      >   :help :inoreabbrev
      > Regards,
      > J rgen

      Pardon my ignorance, but the variants of noremap o noeabbrev, simply
      prevent the
      the second member of a map/abbreviation from being used as a first
      member in another map/abrev. OR they restrict a mapping/abrev to one
      mode only.

      If I go :inoreabbrev g group

      this prevents group from being
      used as an abbreviation, and prevents, `g' from being expanded on the
      command line. but it does not prevent `g' from being used in Another
      map or abbreviation anywhere. It g is used for another insert mode
      abbreviation - not too bad - last definition will win. If it it done
      in command or normal mode, than g will
      act differently in insert, normal, command, even visual modes and
      never, perhaps act as as the original `go' command of normal mode.

      It still seems, there is no way to map or abrev a character in such a
      way that this character is prohibited from being mapped or abrev'ed
      again, unless the original
      map/abrev is undone.

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