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  • Chris Jones
    Feb 6, 2012
      On Mon, Feb 06, 2012 at 01:40:33PM EST, Jan Christoph Ebersbach wrote:
      > Hi Stephan,
      > > The other course of action would be to complain to the orgmode-author
      > > that his mappings are not compatible with all vim versions. Also,
      > > mappings that use the shift and control key a lot are really not
      > > something you should use in vim. Actually it reminds me more of this...
      > > other... editor.
      > It's true, <S-CR> can not be used in the command-line version of vim.
      > I haven't found a good replacement for it, yet. If you need to use vim
      > on the command-line I recommend mapping the functionality to another
      > key.

      In X11, a simple workaround (regardless of the terminal emulator) is to
      map <Shift+Enter> to a character that is not bound to a Vim command by
      default, via xmodmap:

      | $ xmodmap -e "keysym Return = Return currency"¹

      You can check at the bash prompt that hitting <Shift+Enter> now
      generates ‘¤’, not ‘

      Then map the ‘currency’ character to <S-CR> in Vim:

      | :map ¤ <S-CR>²

      If your plugin's custom mapping is something like,

      | :map <S-CR> :echo 'Hello Shift Enter'

      hitting <Shift+Enter> should cause "Hello Shift Enter" to be displayed
      at the bottom of your Vim screen.

      I used the '¤' currency symbol for the sake of example, hoping both your
      locale and font will display the above correctly.

      Another example:

      | $ xmodmap -e "keysym Return = Return eacute"
      | :map é <S-CR>²
      | :map <S-CR> :echo 'Hello Shift Enter'


      ¹ or keyboard remapping options of popular desktops?

      ² CTRL+K Cu -> ¤ .. CTRL+K 'e -> é .. etc.

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