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  • Eric Weir
    Feb 4, 2012
      On Feb 3, 2012, at 2:57 PM, Stephan Weller wrote:

      > - Mappings like <S-CR> do not work in the console version of vim.
      > - I do not know about Macvim, but you can test this yourself. In my
      > gvim, I can do e.g.
      > :map <S-CR> echo('Hi')<CR>
      > and every time I press Shift-CR, `Hi' is printed. In my console
      > vim this does nothing.

      Thanks, Stephan. It does nothing for me in MacVim.

      > So I suspect that the orgmode plugin is working normally, but many of
      > the mappings (all that use Shift-something or Control-something) do not
      > work. In theory you could fix this yourself, the keybindings are
      > contained in the .py-Files in the .vim/ftplugin/orgmode/plugins folder
      > (maybe the folder layout differs for MacVim). However, as long as you
      > do not exactly know what the functions you are mapping are actually
      > good for, you will probably not be able to come up with a sensible
      > mapping.

      This is beyond me and at this point and at this point not something I want to put effort into learning, especially since you say I probably wouldn't be successful even if I could do it.

      Eric Weir
      Decatur, GA USA

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