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128847Re: Display messed up

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  • Charles E Campbell Jr
    Jan 31, 2012
      Marco wrote:
      > On 2012-01-31 Tim Chase<vim@...> wrote:
      >>> Hmm… good question. My .Xresources file says:
      >>> Rxvt.font: xft:Mono:pixelsize=13
      >> Was that for the good font or the bad font? And is it
      >> only dependent on the font-name, or does it behave if
      >> you just change the font size?
      > I just did some more tests. The result: It occurs with
      > different fonts and different font sizes. So, probably no
      > font issue.
      >> Just to add to the pool of data, what does the output of
      >> :version have to say about "builtin_terms", "terminfo"
      >> and "termresponse" (and note there's a difference
      >> between "+" and "++" for some of those settings). It
      >> might also helpful to know the settings for various
      >> term-related settings:
      >> :set ttybuiltin? term? tenc?
      > ++builtin_terms +terminfo +termresponse
      > :set ttybuiltin? term? tenc?
      > ttybuiltin
      > term=rxvt-unicode
      > termencoding=
      > Hopefully this sheds some light on the source of the
      > trouble. I have to admit that I'm no expert in those
      > things, it had always worked for me.

      I suspect that your termcap/terminfo database entry may be incorrect.

      If your system is using terminfo (as opposed to termcap)...

      infocmp ${TERM} -- will display the terminal settings for your current
      $TERM . You may wish to save the output (ie. ... > ${TERM}.info)

      Then snoop on vim to see what its issuing:

      script snoopy
      vim somefile

      The "snoopy" file (pls be sure that you don't already have such a file
      before doing this). Check that the escape sequences work on your
      terminal as they're supposed to. I'm afraid you'll probably have to
      google the codes (probably looking for ansi escape sequences will help).

      Alternatively, see if you can find a terminfo entry for your ${TERM} via
      google and use infocmp to compare what you have vs what the internet
      version has.

      Good luck!
      Chip Campbell

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