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128840Re: Display messed up

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  • Tim Chase
    Jan 31, 2012
      On 01/31/12 16:27, Marco wrote:
      > On 2012-01-31 Tim Chase<vim@...> wrote:
      > I can't tell you why, but I have the strong feeling that
      > it's not a hardware issue.

      With the behavior changing based on $TERM, the possibility of a
      hardware issue no longer ranks high on my list of possible issues.

      >> does using either ":redraw" or ":redraw!" also refresh
      >> dthe isplay correctly?
      > No, neither of the commands does.

      Which backs the idea that something is wrong with the termcap,
      that even as it redraws, it's using the improper escape settings.

      >> So when you mentioned changing the font manifest the
      >> behavior, that was your terminal font, not 'guifont' in
      >> gvim, right?
      > Yes, I'm talking about the terminal font. As I said gvim
      > is not affected.

      I just wanted to make sure--the resizing-fixes aspect hinted that
      it might be (though not absolutely) gvim related. Terminals can
      send a WINCH signal which tells the application the window size
      changed, so the path Vim takes when processing this signal could
      also be at issue.

      > Hmm… good question. My .Xresources file says:
      > Rxvt.font: xft:Mono:pixelsize=13

      Was that for the good font or the bad font? And is it only
      dependent on the font-name, or does it behave if you just change
      the font size?

      >> Also, what is $TERM set to...both within Vim and outside
      >> Vim? Does the problem persist if you start vim with
      >> something like
      > outside vim: TERM=rxvt-unicode
      > inside vim: TERM=xterm-256color
      > I also changed TERM to xterm-256color, without success.
      >> bash$ TERM=dummy vim file.txt
      >> to force a bogus termcap entry?
      > Yes, this helps. I did a few tests and it works fine.
      > I thank you a lot for your creative thoughts. As I
      > mentioned, setting the TERM to “dummy” helps. But I have
      > no idea why. Is this the solution of just a workaround
      > that doesn't trigger the weird behaviour?

      Just to add to the pool of data, what does the output of :version
      have to say about "builtin_terms", "terminfo" and "termresponse"
      (and note there's a difference between "+" and "++" for some of
      those settings). It might also helpful to know the settings for
      various term-related settings:

      :set ttybuiltin? term? tenc?


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