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128838Re: Display messed up

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  • Tim Chase
    Jan 31, 2012
      On 01/31/12 14:58, Marco wrote:
      > http://i42.tinypic.com/23l84x.png

      My first suspicions are: possibly a corrupted font file,
      possibly a corrupted termcap database, or perhaps a bad memory
      chip (or some other hardware in the picture).

      > A workaround is to resize the window. Then immediately the
      > file is displayed correctly.

      does using either ":redraw" or ":redraw!" also refresh the
      display correctly?

      > Only vim is affected, gvim behaves normal.

      So when you mentioned changing the font manifest the behavior,
      that was your terminal font, not 'guifont' in gvim, right?

      Do you have similar issues in other full-screen console
      applications when using the same "bad" font(s)? (could it be a
      corrupted font file?)

      What are these offending fonts named?

      Also, what is $TERM set to...both within Vim and outside Vim?
      Does the problem persist if you start vim with something like

      bash$ TERM=dummy vim file.txt

      to force a bogus termcap entry?

      Does this persist over a reboot? (if the Vim executable is
      getting cached in RAM and it's a bad chip, a reboot might
      allocate it at a different location)

      > I tried different terminals (urxvt and xterm). Starting vim
      > with -u NONE doesn't help, either. I tried vim version
      > 7.3.363 and 7.3.421.
      > What happens here and how to solve this?

      This sounds crazy and is the first I've heard of such behavior.
      I don't know if the answers to any of my questions will lead
      anywhere, but hopefully they'll shed a little light on some of
      the areas that might be at issue.


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