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  • Marco
    Jan 31, 2012
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      Dear list,

      sometimes when I load vim, the display gets messed up.
      Messed up means it displays lines of the file in the wrong
      order. The displayed lines change when scrolling through
      the file (the actual file content stays the same). It does
      not happen with all files, but it is reproducible. It also
      depends on the font used. After changing the font size, a
      formerly “corrupt” displayed file displays correct and
      vice versa. A screenshot can be found here:


      A workaround is to resize the window. Then immediately the
      file is displayed correctly.

      Only vim is affected, gvim behaves normal. I tried
      different terminals (urxvt and xterm). Starting vim with
      -u NONE doesn't help, either. I tried vim version 7.3.363
      and 7.3.421.

      What happens here and how to solve this?


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