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128101Re: Nesting an already defined menu in a menu

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  • gvalkov
    Jan 4, 2012
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      Neat module you have there. Thanks.

      Hm, I was also eyeing the output of `menu $menu` as a possibility, but
      it just seemed too painful to parse at the moment. It would have been
      nice if vim had this built in - feels more like a core function,
      rather than something that scripts like yours should provide (imho).

      Either way, something like ftmenu#MoveMenu and ftmenu#CaptureMenu
      would be a nice addition to one of the vim script libraries (l9, tlib,
      vxlib etc)

      Thanks Again!

      On Jan 3, 12:30 pm, Marko Mahnič <marko.mah...@...> wrote:
      > On Jan 3, 12:46 am, gvalkov <georgi.t.val...@...> wrote:
      > > Is it possible to nest a menu that has already been defined (say, in a
      > > plugin) under another menu (say, PopUp)?
      > It is possible. In fact I implemented something like this in a plugin
      > (FileType Menu) which was never published on vim.org. The code is
      > here:
      > http://vimuiex.svn.sourceforge.net/viewvc/vimuiex/trunk/related/filet...
      > From the docs:
      > FileType Menu plugin implements a menu that changes its contents based
      > on the 'filetype' of the current buffer.
      > 3. Moving menus around
      > ======================
      > The ftmenu plugin exposes some functions that enable the user to move
      > a menu
      > to a different location in the menu structure. This can be useful when
      > many
      > plugins are installed that create their own top-level menus which can
      > make the
      > menubar too large.
      > Marko

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