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128034Re: getting rid of the underline in folding

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  • josh
    Dec 31, 2011
      Thank you. that what I ended up doing:
      hi Folded term=NONE cterm=NONE gui=NONE ctermbg=None
      set foldtext=""

      the second line got rid of the text, so now i see:
      +-- 2 lines folded

      On Dec 31, 9:21 am, Gary Johnson <garyj...@...> wrote:
      > On 2011-12-31, josh wrote:
      > > I don't like the dashes and underline that appear on folding.
      > > I managed to get rid of the dashes:
      > > set fillchars="fold: "
      > > Now I try to get rid of the underline.
      > > any help would be appreciated!
      > I don't see underlines on my folds, so I'm not sure, but that's
      > probably set by the Folded highlight group.  You can see what it's
      > set to with
      >     :hi Folded
      > The following will probably turn off the underlining:
      >     :hi Folded term=NONE cterm=NONE gui=NONE
      > See
      >     :help usr_06.txt
      >     :help :hi
      > Regards,
      > Gary

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