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128022Re: folding ruby comments

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  • Taylor Hedberg
    Dec 31, 2011
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      josh, Sat 2011-12-31 @ 04:31:03-0800:
      > the problem is it's folding 2 lines whenever there is only 1 comment.
      > def self.perform(picture_id)
      > #do something that takes time
      > puts "doing some job. picture id #{picture_id}"
      > sleep(5)
      > puts "done!!!"
      > end

      If I understand you correctly, Vim is folding the first 2 lines inside
      the body of the function you gave as an example.

      This is exactly what your foldexpr is telling it to do. It says, "Fold
      any line that contains a hash character, optionally preceded by
      whitespace". Both the comment line and the `puts` line meet this
      criterion. It's not folding an extra line after the comment line, it's
      folding 2 separate lines that each individually match the foldexpr you

      In the case of the `puts`, the hash does not indicate the start of a
      comment. But Vim doesn't know that, it's just doing what you told it to
      do. You need to make your regex "smarter", so that it will match hashes
      that begin a comment, but not hashes that begin a variable interpolation
      within a string.

      Perhaps something like this would work:

      let &foldexpr = getline(v:lnum) =~ '\s*#[^{]'

      (I used `:let-&` instead of `:set` just because it allows more liberal
      use of unescaped spaces.)

      But the above would still match a string that contained a literal hash
      character that was not part of a variable interpolation, such as

      "My phone # is 555-2345."

      Perhaps you should count the quotation marks to determine whether the
      hash character occurs inside of a string literal to deal with this case.
      I'm not a Ruby programmer, so the precise details of the syntax are a
      little fuzzy to me; I'll leave this and other corner cases as an
      exercise for you to figure out. :)
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