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128004Re: mutt and vim playing together

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  • Dominique Pellé
    Dec 29, 2011
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      Tim Chase wrote:

      > On 12/29/11 08:16, Kai Weber wrote:
      >> * Marc Weber<marco-oweber@...>:
      >>>> So everytime I edit a mail the first line and following manually
      >>>> inserted blank
      >>>> lines are highlighted.
      >>> Why do you need this?
      >>> Use syntax commands instead.
      >> Syntax highlighting is not what I look for.
      >> What I want to achieve is jumping to the first blank line where I can
      >> start
      >> typing my mail instantly.  So I search for ^$ and vim jumps to the first
      >> occurrence (with the consequences I wrote in my first mail).
      > You could just issue a "noh" after your search:
      >  vim +'/^$/' -c'set hls' -c'noh'
      > should do the trick (I don't have 'hls' set in my vimrc, so I added it on
      > the command-line to test).
      > -tim

      If you want to keep the 'hls' option (so further searches
      while reading or editing your email will still be highlighted),
      you could set the "/ register to an empty string right after
      jumping after the first empty line with something like this:

      vim +'/^$/+1' +'let @/ = ""'

      See :help quote/

      -- Dominique

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