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127535Re: jumping position -> jumplist, CTRL-O + CTRL-I

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  • Sven Guckes
    Dec 2, 2011
      * shawn wilson <ag4ve.us@...> [2011-12-02 16:23]:
      > is there a way to go back to the previous position in a file?
      > something like a history for the cursor position?

      yes.. see ":help jump-motions" for
      ":help CTRL-O" and ":help CTRL-I".

      > i generally put markers in files when i'm looking for
      > things, but sometimes forget to do 'ma', 'mb' etc and then
      > might forget what i called it, but if there was a way to
      > say, go where i was in a file 4 jumps ago (by jumps, i
      > mean 'gd', ':-100', '/blah', etc) that would be cool

      easy: 4<c-o>

      you can also have the jumplist saved to a session file
      so it will all be available again after the next startup.

      enjoy vim!


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