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126799Re: How to enable mouse wheel scrolling in non-gui vim.exe?

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  • Tony Mechelynck
    Nov 1, 2011
      On 02/11/11 05:23, Toddintr wrote:
      > I meant to say "How can I enable mouse scroll WHEEL in non-gui
      > vim.exe?" -- sorry.
      > Todd

      AFAICT it depends on the terminal; and I have freed myself from Windows
      some time ago (months? years? Years I think) so I cannot experiment on a
      Windows console.

      Here on Linux, every different terminal emulator reacts differently to
      mouse actions: some don't pass them to Vim at all, some can move the
      cursor and open a "Select" area by dragging but won't react to the mouse
      wheel, some will move the cursor up and down when I roll the wheel but
      won't react to mouse clicks... Apparently I can't get full mouse
      performance in console Vim but only in gvim.

      Maybe you can configure your cmd.exe console, maybe by clicking (left or
      right, I'm not sure) the top left icon of the terminal window when Vim
      is running in it?

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