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126309Re: replace e flag works in command but fails if that command in key mapping

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  • porphyry5
    Oct 2, 2011
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      Well, I think I finally have this figured out. If I'm using sessions,
      any session includes its own .vimrc, being that .vimrc in effect when
      the session was first begun. Then changing the actual .vimrc file has
      no effect on the session, because it will never reload the
      actual .vimrc. So if I want to change a mapping in .vimrc, and have
      the benefit of that change in my session, I must make the new mapping
      explicitly in the current session, as well as in .vimrc.

      On Oct 1, 8:13 am, porphyry5 <gl00...@...> wrote:
      > Using vim 7.2 on slackware 13.1
      > OK, I've traced the problem with the error flag not being suppressed.  It is
      > caused because vim is still using an old version of .vimrc, not the current
      > version, i.e. it is using a version preceding my addition of the e flag to
      > those replace commands.
      > It does so because of another mapping in my .vimrc
      > " Type ;q to save all files and close out session
      > :map ;q :wa<CR>:mksession! ~/vim.ses<CR>:qa<CR>
      > According to :h mksession "When [!] is included an existing file is
      > overwritten."  But that is not happening, and there is no warning message.
      > I closed out one of my open buffers, and ran that ;q command, then started
      > vim again.  And the buffer that I had specifically closed out was back in
      > the open buffers list.  When I separately rm vim.ses, and then run the ;q
      > command, it creates the vim.ses as expected.
      > So I decided to rm vim.ses in the mapping, changing it to
      > :map ;q :!rm ~/vim.ses<CR>:wa<CR>:mksession! ~/vim.ses<CR>:qa<CR>
      > but this caused a warning message to be displayed, requiring me to press
      > Enter to execute the rm, so I changed it again to
      > :map ;q :silent! rm ~/vim.ses<CR>:wa<CR>:mksession! ~/vim.ses<CR>:qa<CR>
      > which is certainly silent, but doesn't remove the file.
      > I seem to be going deeper and deeper into a morass with this seemingly
      > simple desire, that Vim should start in exactly the same state it had when I
      > last closed it.  So how should I be doing this?
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