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125733Re: O-Reilly's Learning the vi and Vim Editors

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  • Tim Chase
    Sep 2, 2011
      On 09/02/11 13:37, Hozzy2u wrote:
      > I just want to thank everyone for their quick response to my
      > question. I have just downloaded the "Vim Recipes" PDF file
      > and printed it out so I could highlight and add notes as I
      > read it.

      as much as I'd like to support authors of Vim books, I'm glad you
      didn't have to spend significant money.

      > I look forward to watching this group and hope to at some
      > point get to where I can add to the responses. Thanks again
      > you have all been a great help.

      As can tell, the list is a pretty friendly place and we want your
      experience with Vim to be a positive one. Vim's help is pretty
      exhaustive, so one of the other important things to learn is how
      to navigate it. But even then, there have been times where I've
      lacked the right search-terms for :helpgrep and had to ask the
      list where to find a certain feature. So if something puzzles
      you and you're feeling stumped, we're glad to help you out!


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