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  • Lars Iselid
    Aug 31, 2011
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      Thanks for help!

      I want to write the digits and actually my full regex in vim is:

      I want numbers with 13 to 17 digits even if they have hyphens between the digits. Should then be something like:

      :g/[-0-9]\{13,17\}/t.|s/[^0-9]\+//g|w! >> my.txt | d

      I tried this but I get the whole text not just numerical digits (with hyphens) in a new file.


      On Wed, Aug 31, 2011 at 3:44 PM, Tim Chase <vim@...> wrote:
      On 08/31/11 07:23, Lars Iselid wrote:
      If you have a search statement something like this:


      And want to write :w the matching content to a file. How to do? I've
      seen examples similar to this:

      /[0-9] . w>>  my.txt

      Depends on whether you want to write just the match, or the entire line.  If you want the entire line containing the match(es), it's pretty easy:

       g/[0-9]/w>> my.txt

      If you just want to write those digits to the file, it's more complex.  Something like:

       g/[0-9]/t.|s/[^0-9]\+//g|w! >> my.txt | d

      which copies each matching line to the line below, deletes all the non-digits, writes/appends the temp-line to the file, and then deletes the temp-line.


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