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125677Re: Very strange problem about messages in 64bit vim

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  • Tony Mechelynck
    Aug 31, 2011
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      On 31/08/11 07:37, zhufeng wrote:
      > I tried to use TDM-gcc 4.5.2 64bit, but there are so many errors while
      > compiling that I am not able to fix, there seems to be some thing
      > wrong, I don't whether I configured it correctly, but with TDM-gcc
      > 4.5.2 32bit, it just compiled correctly.

      Well, if it's any consolation to you, Mozilla applications have been
      published for some time on the Mac as "universal binaries" for 32- and
      64-bit Intel processors, on Linux they are now published as both 32- and
      64-bit builds but of the 64-bit, Firefox is "official", SeaMonkey (which
      I use with no problems) is "unofficial" even though compiled on Mozilla
      hardware, and I'm not sure about Thunderbird; but for Windows they are
      still published as 32-bit builds only (and their user-agent string says
      WOW64 as the platform when run on a 64-bit Windows OS).

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