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125091Re: swap files reverting my work erroneously

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  • Gary Johnson
    Aug 1, 2011
      On 2011-08-02, ZyX wrote:
      > Reply to message «Re: swap files reverting my work erroneously»,
      > sent 04:27:35 02 August 2011, Tuesday
      > by Gary Johnson:
      > > will tell you that it has found a swap file, etc. Regardless of you
      > > choice, Vim will use a new swap file for the current buffer, named
      > > .foo.swo. That file will be deleted at the end of your Vim session
      > > if you exit normally. The swap file from your previous Vim session,
      > > .foo.swp, will remain. That's the one you have to delete manually.
      > It is false: if I choose to delete swap file (in the vim prompt, not from shell)
      > it will use .foo.swp, not .foo.swo.

      I stand corrected. Thanks.

      > > > I think noswapfile will checked into my env repo. When you have 30+
      > > > buffers open, this is not very useful to me.
      > >
      > > I think that is a bad idea. Vim creates swap files to protect your
      > > data. They only persist after Vim has crashed, which is a good
      > > thing. Once you have decided to use their contents after a crash,
      > > or not, you can delete them and not be bothered with them until the
      > > next time Vim crashes.
      > I have swap files to prevent myself from editing one file in two vim instances
      > simultaneously. Though sometimes something goes wrong and vim or the whole
      > system crashes, but I never needed them to recover anything. All you need to
      > have the same behavior is to train yourself to do «paused for thinking - hit
      > {lhs of your mapping to :up} to save file». For me it happens even more times
      > then «stopped inserting - exit insert mode».

      That's another good reason to use swap files. The trouble with
      continually saving, though, is that you lose your reference for the
      changes you've made to the file since you started editing. That's
      not always important, but sometimes it's very handy. And having
      swap files means I can do that without worry.


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