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125076Re: netrw dir listing position

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  • Steffen Prohaska
    Aug 1, 2011
      On Jul 30, 5:12 pm, Charles E Campbell Jr <drc...@...>
      > Charles E Campbell Jr wrote:
      > > Sigma wrote:
      > >> Is there a way to make thenetrwdirlistingmaintain
      > >> the cursorposition?
      > >> For example if I do a dirlistingon a big dir, scroll down, and
      > >> press enter to edit a file, when I go back to the dirlistingthe
      > >> cursor is no longer at the file where I left it.  The cursor
      > >> starts over at the top of the dirlisting.
      > >> This is a pain if I want to edit a handful of files chosen from
      > >> thenetrwlisting.
      > >> Is there a way to maintain the cursorpositionin the dirlisting?
      > > I'm afraid that I don't see this behavior using v143d ofnetrw.  Please
      > > try upgradingnetrwand see if you still have this problem.
      > > You may get v143d from:
      > >http://mysite.verizon.net/astronaut/vim/index.html#NETRW
      > I should mention that I tried both the widelistingand the default thinlistingwhen attempting to elicit this behavior.  If the behavior
      > persists, please let me know whatnetrwsettings you may have and any
      > more details that may be helpful.

      I observe a similar problem in TREELIST mode with version 142. When I
      use, for example, 'p'
      to preview a file, the cursor jumps in the list window to the first
      level directory that
      contains the file that I preview. As a quick fix, I added
      NetrwRestorePosn() to
      NetrwBrowseChgDir() (see diff below). I haven't checked if it has
      side effect. I also
      haven't tried 143d.


      The diff is against
      " Date: May 31, 2011
      " Version: 142
      which ships with MacVim snapshot 61.

      diff --git a/autoload/netrw.vim b/autoload/netrw.vim
      index ab6370a..c38d707 100644
      --- a/autoload/netrw.vim
      +++ b/autoload/netrw.vim
      @@ -3193,6 +3193,7 @@ fun! s:NetrwBrowseChgDir(islocal,newdir,...)
      " call Decho('case "handling a file": newdir<'.newdir.'> !~
      if exists("w:netrw_liststyle") && w:netrw_liststyle == s:TREELIST
      && exists("w:netrw_treedict")
      let dirname= s:NetrwTreeDir()
      + keepj call netrw#NetrwRestorePosn(nbcd_curpos)
      if dirname =~ '/$'
      let dirname= dirname.newdir

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