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124387Re: setline vs call setline

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  • cyboman
    Jul 2, 2011
      On Jul 1, 1:38 pm, Taylor Hedberg <tmhedb...@...> wrote:
      > Vim scripts are composed of ex commands. Functions are expressions, not
      > ex commands, so they can't be used "bare" in a script; that is, they
      > must be "wrapped" in a proper command.
      > Not a valid Vimscript statement:
      >     foo()
      > Valid:
      >     call foo()
      > :call is just an ex command that essentially just invokes the given
      > function and ignores its result. This is useful when you just care about
      > the side effects of a function but not the value it returns (if any).
      > Plenty of other commands can call functions as well, and all are valid
      > as statements in a script. The only restriction is that you can't invoke
      > a function by itself, without some kind of command that wraps it.
      > Another simple example is :echo, which evaluates its argument (which may
      > be a function) and prints the result.
      > Hopefully that clears things up a little.

      thanks for the help everyone. i think i got it. taylor, your
      explanation did clear it up.

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