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  • Gary Johnson
    Jun 4, 2011
      On 2011-06-03, Eric Weir wrote:
      > On Jun 2, 2011, at 10:36 AM, Gary Johnson wrote:
      > > I don't like all that clutter in the fold line, either, but I do
      > > like to see the number of lines in the fold, so I modified the
      > > appearance of the fold line with this in my ~/.vimrc.
      > >
      > > set foldtext=MyFoldText()
      > >
      > > " MyFoldText()
      > > You could do something similar to get the appearance you want. I
      > > wrote it before the repeat() function was available, so it could
      > > probably be rewritten with five fewer lines today.
      > Thanks, Gary. As I mentioned in my original post on this thread,
      > I'm not a programmer. I think I understand what this does, but
      > from your description, not the code. As I understand it eliminates
      > all text except the number of lines. I want to eliminate the
      > number of lines and keep the text from the first line of the fold.
      > And I have absolutely no idea how to go about revising the code to
      > make it do what I want.

      The example at the top of ":help fold-foldtext" does that. (The
      line beginning ":set foldtext=v:folddashes...") Try that and see if
      it does what you want.


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